Finance, Banking and Economic News - 1 May 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
1 May 2011

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Businessman Elan Schwartzenberg on Saturday confirmed he has taken over a 92% stake in TV station Realitatea TV owned by Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, who is currently under arrest on charges of blackmail. read more...

Russian natural gas giant Gazprom delivered 2.6 billion cubic meters of gas to Romania in 2010, up 4% on the year, the group said in a report Thursday. read more...

Romanian carmaker Automobile Dacia asked for 42.4 million lei (EUR10.5 million) in state aid last year to develop the X 52 project concerning a new Logan model to be launched in 2012. read more...

Romania's Transport Ministry and public road authority CNADNR have begun negotiations with Bechtel on a new calendar for the construction of the Transylvania Highway, with new deadlines past the current December 2012. read more...

Romania’s new Labor Code, pushed through the Parliament through a vote of confidence early March, takes effect Sunday and employers risk prison sentences for using illegal labor. read more...

Romania's Government will create an investment fund, fed by the National SME Loan Guarantee Fund, the Romanian Counterguarantee Fund and Eximbank, to finance profitable SMEs with temporary cash problems, and will also work out a system to finance small unlisted companies. read more...

Romania's Government wants to increase the central tourism authority's role on the Black Sea coast and reduce the coastal building line (the area where building is prohibited) to 50-150 meters from 100-300 meters, according to a draft emergency ordinance by the Tourism Ministry. read more...

Lucian Ghiţescu, manager of the Home Appliance division of Samsung Electronics, says the home appliances market will be stable in 2011, with growth expected only in 2012, although the worst has passed. read more...

Angst, one of the biggest cold cuts producers with 48 million euros in turnover last year, delivers meat and meat products worth around 5 million euros to Howard Johnson, Crowne Plaza, Continental, Hilton hotels, City Grill, Pizza Hut and McDonald's restaurants and even to the restaurant in the Ikea furniture store. read more...

Banca Transilvania (TLV) derived net income worth 31.7m lei in the first quarter, almost double last year's first quarter level. On Friday, the bank's shares gained 1.7% on a "red" market. read more...

OTP Bank, the biggest Hungarian financial group, is in talks with the Royal Bank of Scotland, a financial group nationalised by the British government after the massive losses it logged in 2008, to take over its domestic subsidiary, according to market sources. read more...

In around six years, the average duration of calls made from a fixed telephony line monthly shrank by around 1 hour, while time spent talking on the mobile phone registered a spectacular increase. read more...

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