Finance, Banking and Economic News - 25 April 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
25 April 2011

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Government gives up plans to join the euro zone in January 2015, a deadline announced regularly in previous years and advanced just the plan to join ERM II, the European mechanism of exchange rates in the 2013 – 2014 interval, a document obtained by news agency Mediafax which the Executive plans to send to the European Commission reads. read more...

25.04.2011, 23:42 | Real Estate | 1357 views
2011, a new beginning on office market
2011 is set to be the year of a new wave of projects for the experienced office market developers though the vacancy rate in Bucharest is still around 15%. read more...

For a 50-sqm sweet shop in a town, Easter and Christmas bring half of annual profit. For large shopping centres, Easter and Christmas mean 20-30% added to total turnover. This is the period when business owners spend their entire time in stores and restaurants and people do not think twice before taking money out of their pockets. read more...

When two thirds of retail lending is foreign currency-denominated, talks about curbing foreign currency loans appear to come late. In recent years, this major vulnerability of the domestic market has been hidden under speeches about the upcoming euro adoption. read more...

25.04.2011, 23:45 | Capital Markets | 1213 views
Most expensive stocks on the Bourse
SIF Oltenia (SIF5), Banca Transilvania (TLV) and Zentiva Bucureşti (SCD) are currently among the most "expensive" shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in terms of minimum amounts investors have to spend to buy a stake. read more...

Around 7,000 Romanians went on a cruise holiday last year, while worldwide 17.5 million people worldwide choose to spend their holidays on cruising ships every year. read more...

Romania is about to endorse one of the most generous schemes intended to support investment in green energy, with a report of the World Bank specifying the current legislation in the field is over 50% more generous than the European regulations. read more...

One of the reasons why the unemployment rate registered in Romania fell to less than 6% in March, reaching the last twelve months' low, might be expansion of informal employment, considering the number of salaried employees has gone down by more than 200,000 people over the past year. read more...

Bourse companies' shareholders this week are discussing the disbursement of dividends from last year's profits, with over 2.4bn lei (580m euros) being at stake. read more...

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