Finance, Banking and Economic News - 24 December 2010 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
24 December 2010

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The life of the man who has thrown himself from a balcony of the Romanian Parliament is not in danger, the general manager of the University Hospital Catalin Carstoiu told the media. read more...

The solution to the problems we have is not the one we have seen today in Parliament, said Premier Emil Boc on Thursday, in the Parliament Palace, referring to the incident in the plenary meeting hall when a man threw himself from the balcony. read more...

24.12.2010, 12:04 | IT & C | 1076 views
IBM CEO Mihai Tudor: Romania is highly potential
Although it is highly potential, Romania has not yet capitalized on this advantage, said IBM Romania general manager Mihai Tudor. read more...

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) granted OTP Bank Romania a loan of EUR 10 million for the financing of sustainable energy projects developed by Romanian companies, informs a release issued on Thursday. read more...

At the initiative of the Ministry of Health (MS) Romania’s Government on Thursday approved the emergency ordinance on introducing the national health card, informs an MS release sent on Thursday. read more...

24.12.2010, 12:08 | Cars | 907 views
Car tax for Euro 5 cars reaches 1,867 euros
The car tax amendments approved by the Government on Thursday stipulate its putting into effect starting on January 1, 2011, for the Euro 5 cars, too, the tax amount ranging between 40 euros, for a two-year old car with a 1,100 cc engine, and 1,867 euros, for a 4,200 cc engine new car. read more...

The Public Finance Ministry (MFP) on Thursday drew 533.5 million lei (approximately 125.53 million euros) in an issue of benchmark Government bonds placed on tender through the National Bank of Romania. read more...

Hoardings, the ones advertising elections included, are to be banned in the historical parts of cities as well as on the buildings that are declared historical monuments, by a draft law which was approved by the Government on Thursday, said Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea. read more...

The Government on Thursday approved the Fiscal Code amendments, which stipulate putting the excises in agreement with the norms of the European Union, introducing the single statement, the 3 percent tax for micro-enterprises, as well as introducing the tax on unreported incomes of unknown nature of natural persons. read more...

24.12.2010, 12:33 | Actuality | 849 views
Romania In For Warm Christmas
Romanian meteorologists expect warm weather over Christmas with temperatures of up to 17 degrees Celsius on Saturday. read more...

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