Finance, Banking and Economic News - 21 February 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
21 February 2011

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Romanian authorities raided Monday morning homes and offices of border police and customs workers in Albita customs, eastern Romania, where dozens are suspected of bribe taking and cigarette smuggling. read more...

Insurance companies Generali and Ardaf, controlled by Italian group Generali, will merge, but the brands and the sales networks of the two companies will be kept, announced the shareholder of the two companies. read more...

Fifty-three border police officers, including the head of the local border police, from the Albita border crossing point in eastern Romania were taken in for questioning Monday following raids at the customs point and suspects’ homes. read more...

Romanian ruling coalition leaders propose that the Government should seek lawmakers’ confidence vote to adopt new labor legislation, Prime Minister Emil Boc said Monday, adding the matter will be discussed with ruling parties’ MPs. read more...

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc said Monday collective work contracts are not repealed through the country’s new Labor Code and will be regulated by a separate law. read more...

Romania and Bulgaria’s chances to join Schengen will improve considerably if the upcoming summer EC report on the justice system and the fight against corruption will be positive, reads, quoting sources close to negotiations. read more...

Romanians younger than 35 who want to start a micro-company can submit business plans starting Tuesday to a program supporting young entrepreneurs, and receive up to EUR10,000. read more...

Romanian President Traian Basescu told a news conference Monday that, if the country fails to make progress in solving high-level corruption cases, the report on justice the European Commission will release this summer will be negative. read more...

Romanian unionists are calling for a general strike to start on the day President Basescu receives the draft Labor Code and Social Dialogue Code, and will organize local protests starting with February 28. read more...

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