Finance, Banking and Economic News - 7 December 2010 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
7 December 2010

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The Romanian Government decided that pensioners whose monthly income is at least 740 lei (EUR1=RON4.3110) should pay contributions to pubic health insurance, which enlarges the taxation base by 2 million people, Health Minister Attila Cseke said Monday. read more...

07.12.2010, 07:49 | Finance-Banks | 774 views
Romanian Govt OKs 2011 State Budget
Romania’s Government approved the 2011 state budget in a Cabinet meeting late Monday and the bill is to be forwarded to parliament immediately, people close to the matter told Mediafax. read more...

Modern retail--hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash&carry and discount stores--accounted for over 50% of Romania's total retail market this year, exceeding traditional commerce, according to Competition Council official Valentin Mircea. read more...

The Romanian labor market will continue to face difficulties in the first quarter of 2011 when 17% of Romanian employers could cut back on staff while only 15% are considering hiring, according to a Manpower survey released Tuesday. read more...

Romanian agriculture consumes more than it produces and food products whose prices increased the most in the last year were local, said Tuesday Sorin Minea, head of the employers association in the food industry, Romalimenta. read more...

Most Romanians will spend this year's winter holidays at home, with family or friends, and almost half of them will save up for this period in advance, though their budget is significantly smaller than last year's, says a survey by MEDNET. read more...

The Romanian Parliament on Tuesday adopted the IMF-required pension law that the head of state had sent back for reexamination, requesting that the retirement age be set at 63 for women and 65 for men. read more...

Romania's Chamber of Deputies passed the law on pensions on Tuesday, which rules the retirement age of 63 for women and 65 for men with 172 votes for. read more...

07.12.2010, 16:49 | Energy | 807 views
EU OKs Romanian Cernavoda Nuke Project
Romanian EnergoNuclear Monday received a favorable response from the European Commission for the construction of two additional reactors at the country’s sole nuclear power plant in Cernavoda, the majority holder in EnergoNuclear said. read more...

Romania’s Health Minister Atilla Cseke said Tuesday that the 1.4 billion lei (EUR1=RON4.3006) to be collected from social health insurance contributions on pensions will be used to cover the costs of compensated medicine and finance hospitals. read more...

The spouse or parents of an insured person will no longer be considered insured in the Romanian public healthcare system without paying the required contributions, unless they have a source of income themselves, according to an emergency ordinance amending the Law on healthcare reform. read more...

Romania's excises on fuels and tobacco will be raised as of January 1, 2011, which could lead to new increases in the price of such products, according to a draft emergency ordinance amending the Fiscal Code. read more...

Romania's Health Minister said Tuesday evening that pensioners and revolutionaries will be required to pay 5.5% as contribution to the social health insurance system, as of next year, while first-degree relatives of an insured person, without their own income, will remain exempt from contributing. read more...

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