Finance, Banking and Economic News - 28 March 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
28 March 2011

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A 2007 cable from the US Embassy to Kiev, leaked by Wikileaks and quoted by on Sunday, notes that Ukrainians were speaking of a theory according to which politicians in the Republic of Moldova promoting a pro-European policy were silently supporting Moldova's entry in the EU through Romania, with a possibility that Moldova on the right bank of Dniester eventually join Romania, while the left bank (Transdniester) turn to Ukraine. read more...

Steven Jennings, the CEO and main shareholder in Russia's Renaissance Capital investment bank, plans to strongly tap into the Romanian capital market, which he expects to become a regional leader in the following years. read more...

Bankers are experiencing the biggest troubles in Galaţi and Ialomiţa counties, where the share of overdue payments exceeded 14%, almost double the market average. read more...

28.03.2011, 13:38 | Real Estate | 1048 views
Bucşaru saves Green City from bankruptcy
Green City Construct company, controlled by the family of businessman Dumitru Bucşaru, owner of Unirea Urziceni football team, exited insolvency just two months after the Bucharest Court of Law issued a decision in this regard, saving thus the biggest villa project from bankruptcy. read more...

Franklin Templeton US group, the sole manager of Fondul Proprietatea (FP), collected 18.3m lei (4.3m euros) for the first three months of its mandate (September 29-December 29, 2010), shows the fund's annual report. read more...

28.03.2011, 13:42 | IT & C | 1006 views
Romanians queue up to buy iPad 2
eMag, the biggest IT&C retailer, saw its first batch of 80 iPad 2 Apple tablets imported to Romania sold out "almost straight away" with the company expecting the next batches to sell quickly as well, and amid pre-orders from a further 720 people at the end of last week. read more...

The new two-year precautionary arrangement with Romania, which starts on March 31st, has received the green light from Washington on Friday, and is set to focus on stimulating the economy by means of structural reforms and by improving infrastructure. read more...

The state's investment spending fell by over 17% in the first two months of the year compared with the similar period of 2010, amounting to just 1.3 billion lei, while overall budget revenues climbed 8.3% to 27.5 billion lei. read more...

In an interview to ZF prior to announcing that procurement worth billions of euros could be cancelled, Cristina Trăilă said "I can't" five times in the first 10 minutes. read more...

omania’s railway company, CFR holds 1,000 km of unused railway which is why the ministry will shut them, Transports minister Anca Boagiu declared in a seminar organized by daily Ziarul Financiar. read more...

Orange Romania will benefit directly from the strategic partnerships agreed between France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom and currently the two parties examine the opportunity and type of future synergies, Orange Romania technical director Madalin Suceanu said on Monday. read more...

PSD leader Victor Ponta declared on Monday afternoon that he is still waiting Severin’s resignation, implying that if this will not happen, his exclusion is almost sure. I have never done anything that would use my statute of MEP to obtain extra revenues and nobody proved this, Severin said. read more...

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