Finance, Banking and Economic News - 23 March 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
23 March 2011

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The radioactive cloud from the Fukushima nuclear plant will reach France on Wednesday but the risk of radioactive residues are negligible and will have no impact on the health of the population, the Nuclear Safety Agency declared. read more...

The Senate decided on Wednesday to maintain the law regulating the VAT at 5% for basic food products after it rejected the reexamination request formulated by President Basescu. The request was also rejected by the Budget Committee of the Senate that issued a rejection report, accepted with 53 votes for and 46 votes against. read more...

The modifications brought to the labour code, for which the government took responsibility in the Parliament are constitutional, the Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday, quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpres. read more...

British journalist Jonathan Calvert, the one who coordinated the team of journalists in their incognito investigation of the Sunday Times declared that he has an invoice sent by Adrian Severin for submitting an amendment to a European directive in the EP. read more...

February came with another unpleasant surprise, with private lending continuing to decline, showing that bankers are still unable to sell enough loans to cover repayments, despite many players announcing growth plans for this year. read more...

Romania is the European market with the highest retail market growth in the last ten years, by 123% between 2000 and 2010, with consultants saying the market's potential continues to be one of the biggest, comparable only to that of Bulgaria, Poland and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). read more...

23.03.2011, 23:50 | Insurance | 1164 views
ING closes Cluj regional centre and fires 185
The ING group is preparing to close the services centre in Cluj opened just six months ago, for which 185 people had been recruited so far. read more...

23.03.2011, 23:55 | Economy | 909 views
Analysts improve their outlook on economy
Banks' economic analysts are starting to improve their outlook on the Romanian economy and anticipate that ratings agencies will improve their outlooks, which means upgrading Romania to 'investment grade' status again. read more...

The Romanian communications market is saturated on certain segments, but there continue to be a lot of areas, such as Internet services, where the potential for growth remains significant, Babak Fouladi, Chief Technical Officer of Vodafone, no. 2 on the Romanian mobile telephony market, told ZF. read more...

Monica Iavorschi, 37, general manager of home appliances manufacturer Arctic in Găeşti, says we have gone back in time a few years in terms of consumption of home appliances, with demand for semi-automatic washing machines and for refrigerators with basic functions returning. read more...

Romanians increased their bank deposits by one billion lei in February alone, which shows they still prefer to postpone acquisition plans and save the money instead. read more...

23.03.2011, 23:57 | Capital Markets | 934 views
SIFs gain 18% in one month
SIFs (financial investment companies) have become interesting for investors again in the last month, when the BET-FI index rose 18%. read more...

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