Romania loses billions of euro for not selling the surplus of CO2 certificates -
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News » June, 2011 » 29 June 2011

Romania loses billions of euro for not selling the surplus of CO2 certificates
29.06.2011, 16:57 | Environment | 1176 views

Romania owns a surplus of 300 millions of CO2 certificates that were of great value three years ago when Romania could have easily obtained 3 billion euro if sold then. Meanwhile, they lost their value and the state could only get 1.2 billion euro. However, the government did not manage to sell the certificates as the necessary legislation was adopted last year only. A year after its adoption, the government realized that the legislation needs to be changed.

The excuse of the authorities was that it lacked experience regarding procedural aspects. tried to obtain some information from the Economy ministry related to the status of the certificates but the answers have nothing to do with the subject at hand. The deadline for selling the CO2 certificates is 2012.


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