Premier Ungureanu: European funds for Romania will not be suspended -
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News » April, 2012 » 23 April 2012

Premier Ungureanu: European funds for Romania will not be suspended
23.04.2012, 11:14 | Finance-Banks | 566 views

Premier Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu gave guarantees that the European funds for Romania would not be suspended.

‘I do not want to think of such a thing for now, because we are doing our best for this thing not to happen. Therefore, I do not presume the worst and I hope this never happens. And I assure you this thing will not happen. At least, for now,’ said the Premier, who paid a visit to the building site of the Bucharest – Ploiesti motorway.

Ungureanu admitted, though, that there were “very many problems’ and “some of them could be solved.’

‘You very well know that, since the beginning of governing, I have stated that the European fund absorption is strategically important to us, therefore, you imagine, we are doing our best in this respect,’ the Prime Minister said.


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