PM Emil Boc: Replacing me with independent prime minister has not been discussed directly -
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News » February, 2011 » 15 February 2011

PM Emil Boc: Replacing me with independent prime minister has not been discussed directly
15.02.2011, 19:43 | Actuality | 483 views

Romanian PM Emil Boc said after talks with his party's MPs and with President Traian Basescu on Tuesday evening that his replacement with an independent prime minister has not been discussed directly. He said he as a prime minister was working with the same intensity as on the first day in office and would do so to the end of his term.

Boc said that he hoped Romania would overcome the crisis this spring and he said he did what he had to do for the country - and now was the time for political recovery. "From a political point of view, it's clear the objective of the [governing party] PDL is to win the 2012 elections", he said.


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