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News » January, 2011 » 12 January 2011

BCR returns with RON-denominated real estate loans at the end of the month
12.01.2011, 00:09 | Finance-Banks | 623 views

BCR, the largest bank by assets, has only temporarily suspended from its offer RON-denominated real estate loans and euro-denominated unsecured consumer loans in order to have its cost structure match provisions of the law on credits granted to the population, which came into force at the end of last year. The bank will return with its full range of loans by the end of January, say BCR officials.

"Modifying the IT system requires time and, in order not to have a discontinuity, we chose to restructure the pricing by eliminating fees. We had a large number of products and had to focus on those that generate the biggest volumes of sales. It was an opportunity-driven decision," said Ştefan Coroianu, manager of the retail loans division of BCR.

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