Finance, Banking and Economic News - 6 June 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
6 June 2011

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Average net wages in Romania inched up 0.3% on the month to 1,498 lei (EUR362) in April, boosted mainly by Easter and other seasonal bonuses, the statistics institute INS said Monday. read more...

Spiegel dedicates eight pages of its last but one number to Romania and one article in particular, signed by Ozlem Gezer reads that Bulgarians and Romanians become the problematic group in Germany. read more...

Romanian cucumbers destined for export in the EU might be distributed, for free, on the internal market to hospitals and other institutions since intra-communitarian commerce is blocked, Agriculture ministry state secretary Adrian Radulescu declared for Agerpres news agency. read more...

Dozens of Romanian police officers protest Monday at the headquarters of the Interior Ministry over authorities’ decision to reduce their food benefits in June and plans to continue layoffs. read more...

Vegetables grown in Romania are safe for consumers, said Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara Monday, addressing the situation triggered by the E.coli epidemic in Europe, which has killed 22 people. read more...

After entering the Romanian market through a surprising acquisition of Romtranspetrol, a distribution company, the Azeri state company SOCAR analyses the market as it awaits new opportunities, SOCAR Romania chief Hamza Karimov said in an interview for Karimov said that SOCAR has no interest in Oltchim, Arpechim or Petrom. read more...

Netherlands does not believe Romania is governed by the rule of law because there are still problem related to the reform of the judiciary in our country, Dutch Ambassador said at the EU. According to a coverage made by RFI radio quoting EU sources, Romania’s rule of law was contested last week at Brussels during a meeting of Ambassadors to the EU. read more...

Romanian cucumber producers will receive compensation of up to 247,200 euro at the estimated loss of 9 million euro by August 1, Romanian Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara said. read more...

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