Finance, Banking and Economic News - 30 January 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
30 January 2011

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Traffic on one of Bucharest subway routes was temporarily halted Sunday morning as a woman threw herself on the track and was hit by a train, subway company Metrorex manager Gheorghe Udriste told Mediafax. read more...

2011 started off on the wrong foot for Mobexpert and Elvila, the strongest Romanian retailers in the furniture industry, with January failing to bring the hoped-for sales. read more...

Businessmen Klaus Reisenauer and Kurt Wagner, shareholders of real estate developer Oasis Development, have an investment budget of around 80m euros for this year to build a mall in Oradea and another five small shopping centres in Alexandria, Adjud, Aiud, Sebeş and Satu Mare, with five of these projects having Kaufland among tenants. read more...

The floatation of Fondul Proprietatea on the Bourse, on January 25, managed to give the market a boost and bring significant gains to all participants, from brokerages, to the BSE and CNVM. read more...

Hochland Romania, the biggest dairy producer domestically, believes falling consumption will further impact the domestic market in the coming months, with upbeat estimates pointing only to stagnation for the entire year. read more...

30.01.2011, 23:47 | Capital Markets | 603 views
FP dividends to be set on April 29
Fondul Proprietatea (Property Fund-FP) shareholders are due to approve on April 29 the distribution of 2010 profit in the form of dividends during the general meeting of shareholders. read more...

International apparel retailers, especially discount ones, have expanded further over the past two years despite the shrinking shopping budgets, so that 17 of the largest store networks at European level have come to operate 175 stores in Romania, reveals a ZF survey. read more...

The growth rate of revenues collected from VAT slowed down by nearly half in December against November, the lowest growth rate recorded after the VAT was raised by five percent. read more...

The new pollution tax, which came into force on January 1, and the raised VAT (24%) could generate around 450 million euros in revenues to the state budget, according to a ZF analysis. read more...

The so-called headhunters, firms that "hunt" CEOs for companies, annually place around 200 executives who earn more than 100,000 euros a year. read more...

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