Finance, Banking and Economic News - 18 March 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
18 March 2011

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UN Security Council voted, on Thursday night, a resolution authorizing an air exclusion area and any other measures necessary – including a military action – to protect civilians against armed forces of Qaddafi. The resolution leaves allies with the possibility to conduct air strikes against Libyan military objectives. read more...

18.03.2011, 12:01 | Cars | 1377 views
Romanian Carmaker Dacia Sells 4 Millionth Car
The car factory in Mioveni, southern Romania, has made four million Dacia cars so far, the Romanian carmaker, owned by France’s Renault, said in a press release Friday. read more...

Romanian Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely said Friday on Radio France International tests for nuclear plants need to be more extensive after the situation in Japan, adding he is confident Romania’s nuclear plant would pass the tests and risk of radiation contamination is low. read more...

Japan increased the gravity level at Fukushima from 4 to 5 on a 7 scale, the Atomic Energy International Agency announced on Friday, quoted by Reuters. The level is similar to the one in 1979, following the accident at the Three Mile ISLAND Nuclear Generating Station in Pennsylvania, US. read more...

Romania’s leu kept part of its early gains against the euro in mid trade Friday and the central bank’s reference firmed to a new nine and a half months high at 4.1683 units, from 4.1788 units in the previous day. read more...

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund will discuss on March 25 the final review of the EUR13 billion stand-by loan for Romania and the terms of a new agreement with the Eastern European country. read more...

Romania posted last year the fourth largest increase in exports and the ninth greatest increase in imports in the European Union, EU's statistics office Eurostat said Friday. read more...

Libya declared an immediate cease of fire throughout the country to protect civilians and conform to the UN Security Council resolution taken on Thursday night, the Libyan Foreign Affairs minister Moussa Koussa declared, quoted by Reuters. We decided an immediate cease fire and of all military operations throughout the country, Tripoli official said. read more...

Following the tragic events affecting Japan, Romtelecom decided to allow free calls from its network to any landline or mobile phones in Japan, the operator announced on Friday. All Romtelecom users including individuals and companies will have this facility available starting Saturday, March 19 for a 30 day period. read more...

Romanian unemployment rate fell slightly to 6.58% in February, from 6.74% a month earlier, the country’s employment agency ANOFM said Friday. read more...

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Friday sent to the Parliament a request to reexamine a normative act on urban planning, asking lawmakers to enhance and clarify the provision concerning urban planning certificates, the Presidency said in a press release. read more...

A Tarom airliner took off on Friday, 6 PM from the Romanian International Airport Henri Coanda for Tokyo in a special flight to repatriate Romanian citizens who requested it, Romania’s Foreign Affairs Ministry reads. read more...

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