Finance, Banking and Economic News - 1 February 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
1 February 2011

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Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc said Monday evening investments, revising the Constitution and improved labor legislation are the Government’s priorities this year, adding austerity measures are expected to yield results in 2011. read more...

The Romanian insurance market will decline at least 5% this year, in an optimistic scenario, as the number of civil liability car insurance policies and their prices will drop 20%, said Tuesday Cristian Constantinescu, head of the Romanian union of insurance and reinsurance companies. read more...

The average sale price of apartments in Romania’s capital city Bucharest dropped by 12% to 20% in January compared with the same period of 2010, with the highest fall recorded for 4-room flats, according to a survey of real estate website. read more...

The International Monetary Fund asked Romania to discard regulated prices for the production of electricity and natural gas and to draw up a new calculation formula in this respect. read more...

Some problems raised by Slovenia caused the adoption of Bulgaria’s technical report for Schengen to be postponed, Bulgarian deputy Interior minister Dimitar Georgiev declared, SofiaEcho reads quoting the Bulgarian news agency BTA. read more...

Romania’s Development ministry plans to spend 17.2 million lei, excluding VAT in promotional ads on international televisions, to promote Romania as a tourist destination and increase awareness on the new national tourism brand. read more...

Romanian foreign exchange reserves rose to EUR32.69 billion in January, after the International Monetary Fund released a seventh installment of a EUR13 billion stand-by loan, central bank data showed Tuesday. read more...

Romania’s Health Minister Attila Cseke told a news conference Tuesday that 111 healthcare units of the 435 hospitals administered by the ministry and local authorities will merge and 71 will become nursing homes or permanent assistance units. read more...

Registrations of Romanian Dacia cars in France increased by 2.5% in January 2011 compared to the same month last year, to 7,749 units, and the overall French car market climbed 8.2%. read more...

The rate of new employments in Romanian companies dropped by 75% on the year in 2009, because of the economic crisis, while dismissals septupled, according to a survey by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. read more...

With only 120,000 people, Ramnicu Valcea is known to security experts across the world as Hackerville because the town is full of online hackers that haunt the city’s streets in expensive European cars, an article in the prestigious American IT magazine Wired reads about Ramnicu Valcea. read more...

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