Negriţoiu: Romania of today is the failure of the political generation of the '90s -
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News » January, 2011 » 23 January 2011

Negriţoiu: Romania of today is the failure of the political generation of the '90s
23.01.2011, 23:55 | Actuality | 764 views

Former minister and presidential advisor in the early '90s and banker for 14 years, Negriţoiu says his generation is to blame for Romania's recurring slippages.

Romania's current economic situation marks the failure of the political generation of the '90s, which is still in power, with President Traian Băsescu and central bank governor Mugur Isărescu as representatives, says Mişu Negriţoiu, CEO of ING Bank, former reform minister in the early '90s and then advisor to President Ion Iliescu.


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