Finance, Banking and Economic News - 8 June 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
8 June 2011

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The European Parliament gave a green light to Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen, saying that the two countries met all necessary conditions to join, according to the evaluation reports, a press release of the European legislative reads, remitted to read more...

Moody’s does not plan to modify its rating on Romania for at least a year to come, its general director for Central Europe, Petr Vins said quoted by news agency Mediafax. Moody’s is the only big financial evaluation agency that maintained Romania’s rating at the investment grade category during the crisis. read more...

The World Bank revised the estimate of the economic advance of Romania to 1.6%, higher than the previous estimate but decrease the estimate for next year to 3.7% the Global Economic Prospects report reveals. read more...

Romania’s Interior Minister Traian Igas declared on Wednesday after his hearing at the Defense Committee of the Chambers of Deputies that 10,000 employees of the ministry will be laid off in the next two months, news agency Mediafax reads. He said there is a legal basis for the restructuring ad a series of governmental decisions will be taken. read more...

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