Finance, Banking and Economic News - 4 April 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
4 April 2011

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A major food shortage crisis represents one of the greatest threats for humanity. The explosive demographic growth, the growing pollution, the exhaustion of the planet"s resources are the elements that are causing experts to claim that over the next years, humanity will have to radically change its nutrition habits. read more...

Azerbaijan state oil company SOCAR plans to expand its foreign gas stations and Romania is one of the first countries on the list, reads. Rovnag Abdullaiev, SOCAR president showed that in the last two-three years the company will open 300 gas stations across Romania. read more...

Romconstruct Top SRL, the company owned by ButanGas Romania and Eco Power Wind SRL, controlled by businessman Emanuel Muntmark finshed two projects that produce green energy of wind mills, Romania’s Economy ministry informs. According to information, the park built by Romconstruct Top has a capacity of 25 MW (Silistea Eolian Park) and the one finished by Eco Power Wind has a capacity of 10MW (Mirease Eolian Park). read more...

The executives of BCR, the biggest bank on the market, last year took home total salaries worth 15.13m lei (3.53m euros), up over 50% from 2009. read more...

"First Home" mortgage loans, refinancing of consumer loans and credit cards are strategic priorities for Bancpost's retail segment this year, says Kyriakos Xydis, executive vice-president in charge of this business segment. read more...

Sweden's IKEA has been buying furniture from Romanian companies for decades, even before the fall of the communist regime, and this is why it is not surprising that almost 10% of the items of the Băneasa store are "made in Romania". read more...

A first evaluation of the first quarter of the year from an economic point of view shows that there is still uncertainty and that consumer spending has yet to resume growth, but real estate transactions have slightly picked up, with real estate investors signalling they have access to funding and are betting on a recovery in the second part of the year. read more...

Cutting social security contributions paid by the employer and the employee by 3% (from an overall 44% to 41% of contributions for every gross salary) could lead to the creation of 100,000 new jobs, while contributions to the state budget would decline by around 380 million euros, according to specialists. read more...

The Romanian state is set to announce today whether it accepts to have the biggest offering in the history of the Bucharest Stock Exchange brokered by the consortium led by Renaissance Capital, half-owned by a Russian billionaire with an empire in gold production. read more...

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