Finance, Banking and Economic News - 29 March 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
29 March 2011

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Japanese PM Naoto Kan declared on Tuesday that its government is in maximum alert in managing problems caused by the nuclear accident at Fukushima, AFP informs quoted by Japanese news agency Jiji. read more...

Marius Petcu practically took the membership fees paid by union members when he paid the contract attributed to Scrieciu’s company, which unsettles the public opinion, anti graft prosecutors involved in the case in which union leader Marius Petcu is indicted for bribe taking. read more...

The European Commission approved the allocation of a 127.5 million euro contribution from the European Regional Development Fund for DN 6 Alexandria – Craiova, South Romania. The 127 km is split in three lots for which the state signed execution contracts with three different companies. read more...

Sweden's H&M brought employees from Switzerland, Sweden and Poland in the first two stores it opened in Romania, even though it also sent Romanian employees for training in these countries. read more...

Wizz Air and Blue Air low-cost carriers are set to add 12 and respectively 7 new flights to their network by yearend, with only three of them to be operated from Bucharest's Băneasa airport, while the rest of flights will be introduced from airports of Bacău, Târgu-Mureş, Cluj and Constanţa. read more...

Romgaz, Transgaz and Complexul Energetic Turceni (Turceni Energy Complex), three of the biggest energy companies controlled by the Romanian state, want to invest one billion euros in a technology, which is burgeoning in Europe. read more...

29.03.2011, 23:48 | Business | 1400 views
Russians collect 34m-euro dividends from Alro
The Vimetco group, held by Russian businessman Vitali Machitski, will collect 141 million lei (34 million euros at an exchange rate of 4.1 lei/euro) in dividends from aluminium smelter Alro Slatina (ALR), which it controls, with the plant benefiting from cheap energy from Hidroelectrica. read more...

The new passenger terminal at Henri Coandă - Otopeni International Airport entailed 60 million-euro investments and will add 15 boarding gates to the 9 of the old terminal, 104 check-in desks, from the current 52 and 9 walkways from 5 at present. read more...

Investment funds, which hold shares in the five SIFs (Financial Investment Companies) have become increasingly persistent in defending their rights, pressuring management of the SIFs to raise dividends, after waiting for years for stake caps to be raised. read more...

29.03.2011, 23:53 | IT & C | 1165 views
Romtelecom becomes no. 2 on TV market
Romtelecom has become no. 2 on the Romanian TV services market, leaving behind the Americans at UPC, after it bought the nearly 80,000 satellite TV clients of Digital Cable Systems (AKTA). read more...

Two copper mining companies, Cuprumin Abrud and Moldomin Moldova Nouă, are put up for sale. The price of a tonne of copper has boomed over the last two years from 2,700 dollars to 10,000 dollars. The value of Romania's copper reserves is estimated at 5-10 billion euros at the current prices. read more...

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