Finance, Banking and Economic News - 23 December 2010 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
23 December 2010

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A man threw himself from a balcony in Romania's Parliament on Thursday morning, while PM Emil Boc was holding a speech before MPs. According to preliminary information, the man as a technician working for the public television TVR. He was wearing a shirt bearing the slogan "You killed our future". Intervention teams provided first aid and removed him from the hall. read more...

The Romanian Parliament has resumed the plenary meeting on the motion of no-confidence submitted by the opposition over the unitary wage law for the public sector, which the Government sought to adopt through a confidence vote last week. read more...

French European Affairs minister Laurent Wauquiez explained in an interview for French daily Le Figaro what are the French requirements for Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen. The official considers that the two countries should join only if there are solid conditions complied with. read more...

The Romanian Government survived a fourth no-confidence motion this year as none of the MPs cast a vote on the motion Thursday after a man working for the public television jumped from one of the room’s balconies and injured himself. read more...

Prices of old apartments in Romania’s capital city Bucharest dropped by an average 20% year-on-year in the last quarter of 2010, according to a survey of property website read more...

The Romanian Social Democratic Party on Thursday challenged the unitary wage law at the Constitutional Court, after the opposition’s no-confidence motion over the normative act was rejected in Parliament. read more...

Romania's taxes on wealth will not apply to bank accounts, as bankers have warned there is a risk of massive withdrawals, only to real estate property, yachts, "wealth in general," Finance Minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu told read more...

The Romanian Government on Thursday decided to hike the car pollution tax by an average 45-50% starting 2011, and the tax will be set considering the age of the car, its engine size and the amount of pollution it produces, said Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely. read more...

Romanian micro-companies will be able to opt between paying a 16% tax on profit, and a 3% tax on income, according to an amendment to the Fiscal Code adopted Thursday by the Government. read more...

Individuals whose real income exceeds their declared income by at least 50,000 lei (EUR1=RON4.2855) will pay 16% of the difference as tax, said Romanian Finance Minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu. read more...

Romania's National Hydrology and Water Management Institute issued Thursday a code yellow flood advisory for the rivers in the northwest, valid from Friday to Monday. read more...

Romania and Latvia seem to be controlled experiments of the tough austerity policies. Romania's case is relevant for a presumable introduction of even tougher measures like those in Portugal or Greece, according to a comment released on Thursday by the British daily Financial Times. read more...

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