Finance, Banking and Economic News - 2 March 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
2 March 2011

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The record deals through which the EBRD sold 5% of BRD stock on the Bourse for 107m euros brought KBC Securities brokers an over 50% market share in February, a record for the Romanian capital market. read more...

Adrian Porumboiu, Mihai Anghel, Culita Tarata and Stefan Poienaru, four of the biggest agricultural producers, say Romania's chance in the current global context, where prices of agricultural products registered the most spectacular leap of the past 50 years, is to cultivate the agricultural land now full of weeds. read more...

Germany's Siemens industrial group says that according to the development plans it has for Romania, it will likely hire as many as 250 people in the next two years, expecting turnover to go up by at least 10%. read more...

The Rompetrol group may issue bonds or get a loan should it reach an agreement with the Romanian government on paying its debt to the Romanian state, Tolegen Boznajov, chairman of the group, said in Almaty on Wednesday, as quoted by Bloomberg. read more...

Bucharest District 6 mayor Cristian Poteras, who also serves as head of a local sub-commission for the land fund, was indicted by anti-graft prosecutors on Wednesday under charges of abuse in office against public interest. read more...

The political groups supporting the governing coalition signed on Wednesday a protocol of partnership between the Democratic Liberals (PDL), Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), the National Union for the Progress of Romania and the group of national minorities other than Hungarians. read more...

The US Department of Justice has approved the extradition to Romania of Mihai Necolaiciuc, former head of Romanian Railways national company, according to the Romanian Justice Ministry. Necolaiciuc was indicted by National Anti-corruption Department in February 2009 under charges of abuse in office against public interest. read more...

The Romanian Senate rejected on Wednesday a bill initiated by a a Democratic Liberal deputy to legalize prostitution, Romanian news agency Agerpres reports. The bill initiated by deputy Silviu Prigoana was rejected by a large majority, with 85 votes to 6. read more...

Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu said during a trip to China on Wednesday that he wanted works at a suspended highway in the Romanian capital city begin as early as possible. He made the statement as he saw the suspended highway crossing the center of the Chinese capital. read more...

A financial consultant and superior counselor within Romania's fiscal authority ANAF and a Bucharest Bar lawyer were retained for 24 hours on Wednesday with a request for their 29-day arrest under charges of traffic of influence, according to a National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) press release. read more...

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