Sources: Alin Tatu has sold his stake in SIF Banat Crişana -
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News » September, 2013 » 17 September 2013

Sources: Alin Tatu has sold his stake in SIF Banat Crişana
17.09.2013, 00:00 | Capital Markets | 1274 views

According to some market sources, businessman Alin Tatu yesterday sold his 5% stake in SIF1 Banat Crişana, in a trade on the "Deal" tier of the market, following a spectacular hike on the quotations of the market.

In March, Alin Tatu had reported that he had exceeded the 5% holding limit of the shares of SIF Banat Crişana (SIF1), and, subsequently was one of the opponents of Dragoş Bîlteanu, the president of SIF1. In April, together with Bogdan Emil Vânătoru, Alin Tatu proposed the payout of a gross dividend of 0.1649 lei/share at SIF1, higher than the alternatives proposed by the Board of Directors, but the General Shareholder Meeting decided that no dividends would be paid out by SIF Banat Crişana in 2012. The two shareholders have also applied for the elections for a new management team, but they did not get the votes of the General Shareholder Meeting.


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