Finance, Banking and Economic News - 6 February 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
6 February 2011

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The widows of the five miners killed in a methane explosion Saturday at the coal mine in Uricani, southern Romania, will get jobs at the Natioanl Coal Company CNH, said Labor Minister Ioan Botis. read more...

Claims settled by insurers for bodily injuries suffered in the wake of car accidents rose, as a weight in total indemnities paid for civil liability car insurance (RCA), around three times in 2010 year-on-year, in line with calculations based on data and estimates by the National Union of Insurers and Reinsurers in Romania (UNSAR). read more...

Alexandru Drăgoiu, the businessman who owns E-Boda electronics brand together with Honorius Prigoană, is considering launching a PC tablet this year. read more...

The listing of Fondul Proprietatea (Property Fund-FP) on a foreign market is causing the first cracks in the relationship between the management of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE), which does not want a new listing, and American group Franklin Templeton, which plans to bring the Fund to London, Warsaw or Vienna, giving assurances the Romanian market would not lose liquidity as a result. read more...

The four hotels of Bucharest, Rin Grand Hotel, Confort Traian, Rin Otopeni and Confort Otopeni, with 2,100 rooms overall, controlled by Ionuţ and Robert Negoiţă (a PSD deputy), last year generated 14.1m-euro turnover, down almost 8% from the previous year, according to the company's officials. read more...

Valentin Ionescu, Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) general manager, has publicly doubted Romgaz, the biggest domestic gas producer, could be floated this year, as preparations for the launch of a stock offering have not started, yet. read more...

Duşan Wilms, one of the few Romanian executives running a multinational, Metro Cash & Carry Romania, with 5,800 employees and 1.3bn-euro turnover, says the revival of retail and of the economy rests with consumption, the engine of the pre-crisis period. read more...

Governor Mugur Isărescu will have to convince in today's press conference that the National Bank can keep prices in check in 2011 and rebuild trust in the NBR's monetary policy, after in each of the last four years inflation was above target. read more...

At the end of last week, an engineer and four electricians aged between 36 and 41 were killed in the latest accident that has occurred in a mine of Romania, whose closure had been under discussion for almost a year. read more...

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