Finance, Banking and Economic News - 4 December 2010 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
4 December 2010

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The head of Romanian union federation Cartel Alfa, Bogdan Hossu, said Saturday Romania’s two major problems are the regulation of furlough and the situation of work booklets, which are on the verge of extinction. read more...

Romanian Prime Minister asked the Parliament Saturday to set a date for the vote on a no-confidence motion and thus carry on with procedures for the adoption of the education law. read more...

Romania’s Government will seek a confidence vote in Parliament on December 14 to pass into legislation an IMF-required unitary wage bill for the public sector and the 2011 state budget law will be sent to Parliament for approval next week, Prime Minister Emil Boc said Saturday. read more...

Five two-way flights from Romania’s capital Bucharest to Spain’s Madrid, Barcelona, Saragossa and Valencia have been canceled, while two planes that were supposed to land in Bucharest from Madrid and Madrid and Barcelona have been grounded Saturday because of a strike of Spanish air traffic controllers. read more...

Romania’s Prime Minister Emil Boc said Saturday works on the Transylvania Highway will continue in 2011, adding the Government is seeking ways to continue funding the project. read more...

Romanian Tourism Minister Elena Udrea said Saturday owners of hotels in spa resorts who bought them “for nothing” and keep them in ruins risk fines or confiscation, adding a law in this respect already exists. read more...

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