Finance, Banking and Economic News - 1 March 2013 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
1 March 2013

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Pope Benedict the 16th will be retiring today from the Vatican, a difficult blow received by the Catholic Church, but also by the supporters of the European integrationism and globalization. The fact that several days have elapsed between the initial announcement and the resignation itself mitigated the shock and made the transition easier. Pope Benedict the 16th yesterday mentioned "the stormy waters" of his rule as a Pontiff, while saying that "God would not let the Church sink", during his last hearing in front of over 150,000 people gathered in the Saint Peter Square. "I am truly moved and I see the Church live", said the Pope, to the crowd's acclaim. read more...

Last year, BCR saw a total loss of 1.2 billion lei (277 million euros), amid the increase of loan-loss provisions, by 68.2%, according to bank officials. read more...

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