Finance, Banking and Economic News - 1 June 2011 -
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Finance, Banking and Economic News
1 June 2011

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France Telecom Orange replaced Thierry Millet as general director of Orange Romania with Jean Francois Fallacher, former general director of Sofrecom an international consultancy company of the telecom group, Orange Romania announced quoted by news agency Mediafax. read more...

Romanian President Traian Basescu sent for approval to the Legislative Council the draft law revising the Constitution, the Presidency informs. The press release reads that after the approval of the Legislative Council is received the draft will be sent to the Constitutional Court for analysis. read more...

Preventive detention will be extended to 48 hours from 24 hours, according to a bill revising the Romanian Constitution, published Wednesday by the Presidential Administration. read more...

The draft revised Romanian Constitution eliminates the stipulation that a person's wealth is presumed to have been acquired through legal means. read more...

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