Best 2010 results come from oil, automotive and exporting industries -
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News » September, 2011 » 14 September 2011

Best 2010 results come from oil, automotive and exporting industries
14.09.2011, 21:00 | Economy | 565 views

Oil and gas companies had the best return on capital ratio in 2010, but a high performance was also registered in the automotive and exporting industries, says National Bank of Romania (BLNR), according to Mediafax. At the same time, the average state-owned companies’ return on capital was negative.

The standings are opened by companies operating in the extraction of crude and natural gas which posted the highest return on capital figures, allocated important funds for investment – cash flows amounted to RON 6.9 bln in December 2010 – registered a low leverage (0.3) and did not generate bad credit. A fact to highlight is that the value of cash flows for private companies was RON 5.8 bln.


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